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Allersol Dosages

Doctor-formulated, Allersol™ is a unique blend of some of the most researched natural ingredients for helping manage seasonal discomfort.*

Ingredient Daily Dose Used in Human Studies Daily Dose Used in Allersol
Allerinol™ Perilla frutescens extract containing 50–200 mg rosmarinic acid Perilla frutescens extract containing 100 mg rosmarinic acid
Bromelain 60–900 mg 500 mg (2400 GDU)
Quercetin 100–400 mg 400 mg
Stinging nettles 600 mg whole-herb powder 60 mg of a 10:1 concentrated extract delivering the equivalent of 600 mg whole-herb powder

Serving size: 2 vegicaps • Daily dose: 2 vegicaps

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