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If you’re one of the 26 million people who experience seasonal discomfort, you may feel like spring is out to get you. The good news is that while Mother Nature put you in the state you’re in, she can also take you out of it. Research has shown that certain herbs and herbal derivatives may have the power to turn you back into a normal, spring-loving person.

Seasonal discomfort begins when an airborne particle enters the airways, including the mouth, nose, throat, and lungs. There, the particle settles into the mucous membranes that line the airways.

If the mast cells interpret the particle as a threat, they release their histamine, an inflammatory chemical that sets into motion a series of reactions, all designed to help you eliminate the outside “invader.”

In addition to making you feel tired and itchy all over, histamine affects your:

  • Sinuses, causing inflammation in the nasal passageways
  • Lungs, causing constriction of the bronchial passageways and difficulty breathing
  • Eyes, causing tearing, redness, and itchiness
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