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About AHCC®

Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC®) is an extract obtained from a hybridization of several subspecies of medicinal mushrooms. Supported by over 20 human clinical studies at respected medical institutions — including Yale Medical School, MD Anderson, UC Davis, and the Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital — AHCC is the world’s most researched specialty immune supplement.


I’ve been using AHCC for 15 years now, both for myself and for my patients, so I see that it works. AHCC is certainly the number one nutritional supplement for immune support in my mind.

Dr. Fred Pescatore, MD, MPH



How is AHCC Made?

AHCC is manufactured through a patented, extended liquid culturing process that makes its active components different from other mushroom extract products. While most medicinal mushroom extracts have a molecular weight of more than 200,000 daltons, the presence of acylated alpha glucans with a molecular weight of around 5,000 daltons is considered one of the attributes of AHCC that provides it with superior absorption and strong clinical efficacy.

ImmunoKinoko® 750

The world’s most researched immune modulating supplement, offering 750 mg of AHCC per capsule

Product Benefits:

  • Maintains optimal NK cell activity.* Natural killer (NK) cells are the immune system’s first line of defense.
  • Enhances cytokine production.* Cytokines are chemical messengers that help white blood cells communicate and coordinate an immune response.
  • Promotes optimal T cell and macrophage activity.* As part of the secondary immune response, T cells provide backup to NK cells. Macrophages engulf and ingest foreign particles and cellular debris.
  • Increases the activity and number of dendritic cells.* Dendritic cells provide defense in tissues exposed to the exterior environment.
Daily Dose Used
in Human Studies
Daily Dose Used
in ImmunoKinoko

1000 mg – 3000 mg
1000 mg – 3000 mg

*Serving size: 2 vegicaps • Daily dose: 2-4 vegicaps

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Human Clinical Research

Human Clinical Research

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Evidence-based Dosages

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Superior Manufacturing Standards

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