Adrenal Physiology and the Stress Response Correlated with Methylation Status

Learning Objectives

• Understanding the HPA axis and the stress response.
• Cortisol, DHEA and the phases of adrenal exhaustion.
• How-to treat the cause, not just fortify the adrenals & why.
• How Methylation defects can effect mood behavior & mental health & it’s direct relationship as an adrenal perpetuator.
• Folates friend or foe? Who benefits, who worsens?
• Zinc, copper and B6, and why the wrong ratios and nutritive status matter.
• Pyrrole disorders and their effect on adrenal status.


Dr. Loren Marks D.C., DACBN is a 1984 graduate of New York Chiropractic College. He received his Diplomate in Nutrition in 2003 from the American Clinical Board of Nutrition. He has been in practice in New York City for over 32 years and has taught Clinical Nutrition for over 25 years across the United States. He is a post graduate instructor for Logan University and is a noted speaker and frequent lecturer for the profession as well. Dr. Marks is the founder of Integrative Assessment Technique (IAT), an assessment methodology embracing nutritional biochemistry, emotions and structural neurology. Dr. Marks is coauthor of a chapter in Dr. Andrew Weils’ series of texts on Integrative Gastroenterology, written by Dr. Gerard Mullin M.D., and he coauthored a chapter in “Arachnoiditis, the Evidence Revealed” with Dr. Mullin as well, by Dr. Antonio Aldrete. He has also written the forward for a recently published children’s book titled “Free to be Gluten-Free!” by Heather Spergel, M.S.


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